You can’t keep a Good Man Down!

Contributed by Stan Piesla on   6.13.18
Some very Good News!!
Vaughn Baker’s operation was completed. Received an email from him this morning at 8AM in which he said …:
 Tell [everyone] I am already kicking a**. The nurse at five am was complaining I was walking too fast and she was getting rapid heart beat.”
And 3 hours later he sent another to say he was just released and would be home tonight.
So, before we know it, A new and improved Vaughn Baker will be appearing on a Pickleball court near you!

Half the Fun is over!

Contributed by Stan Piesla

This week marked the halfway point of our seven week inaugural Spring season of the Coastal Communities Pickleball League. Today, we at Millville By The Sea, hosted a fine group of players from Seagrass Plantation. As has been the experience of all prior matches, the games today were fun and provided another opportunity to play and chat with others outside our community who are loving this wonderful sport. The talk came easy and the laughs were many. The teams today posed for these pictures that follow.

Hats off to Vaughn Baker and Colleen & Steve Costa who worked hard to bring this concept to fruition. The jobs that you’ve done and the dedication to the tasks have just been Outstanding! Thank you! My informal chats with other captains of teams we’ve played so far, agree that the League has been a success. Looking forward to many more seasons of play.


Before having my knee replacement surgery, I conducted my last Beginners Clinic at Millville-By-The-Sea this past weekend for maybe forty folks. Thanks to Stan Piesla, Steve DeLuise, Steve Maneri, and James Morris for helping bring it together.  Millville should be proud of their two dedicated pickleball courts.

Rescuing Chris Evert from being hit on head by racket she tossed into air during filming of Evert commercial.