Vaughn Baker was Middle Atlantic Indoor Junior Champion when only fifteen, and attended University of Maryland on a tennis scholarship when they were undefeated Atlantic Coast Conference Champions. Baker was running the county tennis  program when only fourteen.  After almost five years in the military, Baker joined Wilson Sporting Goods responsible for recruiting the top tennis players in the world to endorse Wilson. Baker introduced the Chris Evert Autograph and worked with world class players like Billie Jean King and Jimmy Connors.  Baker was also responsible for development and testing of new tennis equipment, as well as some squash, badminton, and racketball products.   Baker established Wilson’s International Racket Sports Division then located in Belgium, and then afterwards introduced the Prince Tennis Racket in Europe, Africa, and the Middle East.  In that same time period, Baker consulted with Sergio Tacchini Tennis apparel in the USA, France, Germany, and Italy.  Six years later, Baker was global president of the Wimbledon Tennis Racket, and introduced a new racket design that is still used by most tennis companies.  Baker learned to play pickleball, medaled, and teaches both tennis and pickleball.  He currently writes a weekly pickleball column for Coastal Point. There are some people who say he knows quite a bit about racket sports. 

I write about Pickleball in Coastal Point, organize pickleball clinics, and sell Pickleball paddles. Best to contact me at pickleball7to7@gmail.com.

 Some people, less than a dozen, actually just a few,

Wonder, politely of course, about my Nom de Guerre,

Baron Von Baker, coach of the Ocean View Crew.

Well, is it real or not, and if not, how does he dare?

So let me explain to you how it all came about,

Was there a dubbing by sword for the old heir,

I will write about it in Coastal Point, don’t doubt.


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