OVC Practice Squad Matches

Mike Smith organized the first two squads competition of the two squads of Ocean View Crew and the play was quite good. Friday’s and Tuesday are the two days he has deemed as practice days.   Dom wants to remind you that the Winter Camp practices are just Wednesdays the rest of the month. 3:30 … Continue reading OVC Practice Squad Matches

RIP Harvey Hastings & Stay-in-Touch

I periodically try to share the pickleball experiences of my friends as well as my own.  Over the last three years, I have been active in every aspect of pickleball.  But one responsibility I shirked was to make sure I stayed abreast of extended family.  I recently met Kevin Reading of Abbott’s Grill, a pickleballer, … Continue reading RIP Harvey Hastings & Stay-in-Touch

Coastal Point – Pickleball Points

Note: If your browser does not recognize these as hot links, then simply copy the links and paste them into your browser. October 25, 2018, The link to The Therapist Bob Cairo: http://www.coastalpoint.com/43329/feature/pickleball-points-five-pickleball-tips-physical-therapist-bob-cairo October 18, 2018, The link to A 100 Courts and counting: http://www.coastalpoint.com/43266/feature/pickleball-points-hundred-pickleball-courts-and-counting October 12, 2018, The link to The Volley: http://www.coastalpoint.com/43196/feature/pickleball-points-oh-golly-i-have-volley October … Continue reading Coastal Point – Pickleball Points