A Pickle of a Score

Recently many people have been introduced to pickleball, and more will soon follow. You invariably will hear that pickleball scoring is very difficult, and a gentleman at a pickleball clinic recently suggested to me that pickleball should have made scoring more simple like tennis. I looked at him and said, "Excuse me, Deuce, Forty Love, … Continue reading A Pickle of a Score

Players Are Improving

At the tournament last weekend, and at the sessions in Ocean City, I noticed that players from the Fun League are playing pickleball much better.  Although the objective was to simply have fun, exposure to other players and styles has helped everyone.  Congratulations to everyone! Also, several teams from the Fun League entered the tournament … Continue reading Players Are Improving

A Prince outranks a Baron, even in the world of Pickle.

As just another sign of the huge growth of our great sport, internationally recognized tennis racket brands have staked claims in the cucumber patch over the last year where there are already in excess of a hundred brands actively sold.  First it was Head last fall, and then both Wilson and Prince announced this spring.  … Continue reading A Prince outranks a Baron, even in the world of Pickle.


Before having my knee replacement surgery, I conducted my last Beginners Clinic at Millville-By-The-Sea this past weekend for maybe forty folks. Thanks to Stan Piesla, Steve DeLuise, Steve Maneri, and James Morris for helping bring it together.  Millville should be proud of their two dedicated pickleball courts.

New Balance Stick

I just put into service a new balance stick.  This version is adapted to the various new shapes and sizes of paddles. It was manufactured by B.V.B. Pickle in the Pickle Manufacturing Works.