Paddles Up! . . . at the Big Chill

Contributed by Stan Piesla

At the FUNdraiser at The Big Chill on June 6th (4 to 6 PM), there is an entrance requirement to carry our Pickleball paddles around. I spoke to Vaughn Baker about this and here was his response: “With our paddles, we are pickleballers, without them we are just another group of old white hair people who no one sees nor hears. We get no respect. Why is respect important? If we don”t have respect, people don’t know we are even here. If they don’t know we are here, they don’t hear what we have to say. If they don’t hear what we have to say, they don’t value us. Then we don’t deserve respect.”

Will Team Pickleball finally get respect? It will, but only if we stand together and demand respect. After all, we are the Poster Kids of Retirement Living.

Note: Group photographs (with paddles) will be taken on June 6th to record our power and make our point.