Vaughn Baker’s Vision of a Pickleball College Becomes a Reality

Contributed by Stan Piesla

What happens when you love a sport and have a secret wish list for things that could make it better? Then a substantial Lottery win happens and now Dream Can Become Reality!

“This could not have happened without hitting that big Lottery back in 2016”, said Vaughn Baker, while announcing the soon to open Vaughn College of Pickleball in Delaware’s southeast Sussex County.  This will come as a very big and welcome surprise to most – IT’S BEEN A VERY WELL KEPT SECRET!

Vaughn Baker

He continued. “This is State-of-the-Art stuff and nothing has been held back in making this unlike anything else on the planet”, said Baker.

He envisions his “college” to be a place of learning for a variety of things, serving all levels of pickleball players.  “We’ll have Master’s Instruction, Clinics, Summer Camps, Winter Camps, National & Local Tournaments, Labs for product Research & Development, to name just a few.

There will also be child care services on site for parents and grandparents to safely park their little ones while they get some court time in. There are also two restaurants, a pro shop, dedicated video analysis courts for players to be critiqued, one on one coaching, a Spa, Pool and more.

Seventy-two courts – 24 indoor and 48 lighted outdoor, take up this huge parcel. Play times will be from 7AM to Midnight.

Vaughn said he will say no more right now. Look for more IN-DEPTH details that he will soon share in his column.

“Right now we’re putting together details for the Ribbon Cutting Ceremony. The governor is on board, at the top of a list of dignitaries including a Who’s Who in the Pickleball Universe – local, nationally and internationally and, of course, local politicians. There’s also a good chance that some celebrities from my tennis days will be making an appearance.”

He went on. “Look, Stan, as you and all the picklers in the Coastal Communities Pickleball League are very well aware, the number of pickleball players in Sussex County and in nearby coastal Maryland is just exploding. And the general population around here is growing so rapidly that the number of courts available to these players can’t and isn’t keeping up, even now! This facility is the start for addressing this need in a BIG WAY. And, it is just a start! I am already in discussions for the next facility.”

Vaughn’s excitement is obviously at a fever pitch! He closed our discussion with, “One of my favorite authors is Jules Verne. Let me turn a phrase here with Verne as my guide. I envision that in the next decade or two we will see ‘20,000 Pickleball Leagues Near The Sea’, here in Southern Delaware and Maryland!” Then he briefly paused and added: “You know, let’s just say that this is going to be the Disney World of Pickleball! Print that. And this – APRIL FOOLS !

10 thoughts on “Vaughn Baker’s Vision of a Pickleball College Becomes a Reality

    1. HaHa Byron, I will pass along the suggestion to Vaughn. Don’t sell yourself short – you are at least a 102 candidate !


    1. Hey, Mike! Yes, I too sometimes have the retirees’ “what day is today?” syndrome. Decades ago, I fell hook, line & sinker for an April Fools story in a local newspaper when we had a weekend home in Upstate NY. We were one mile from Catamount Ski Area, on the NY/MA border. A front page story reported on the current work going on to lay refrigerator lines so that there would be year round skiing at Catamount. Went back home to Long Island and relayed the story to friends & colleagues. The following week the front page Headline read “April Fools!” GOT ME, Big time! Then I had to go home and recant the story. Gullible’s Travels !


    1. There are. Please pick up a FAFSA application at the VC Main Office Building which is located at Dream Street on the campus.


  1. A dream come true! Sounds like a wonderful facility. Would definitely like to visit, play, and learn.


    1. Hi, Sandy. If only it were real it would be wonderful indeed. This was an “April Fools” piece. Take a look at one of my replies to a comment to read how I fell hook, line & sinker to an April Fools piece decades age regarding a ski area. All in fun and thanks for stopping by the website! Stan


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