A Winter’s Tale

Contributed by Stan Piesla, January 25, 2019

January’s temperatures continue to be a roller coaster ride of ups and downs. Winter hasn’t taken a firm hold – and that’s good! One day it feels like we’re living in Minnesota and two days later it’s 60 degrees. We’ll take it!

On Wednesday, I had the opportunity of playing at Bay Colony. Dressed in layers, I was ready for action for the 9 o’clock start. Playing outdoors was not bad at all and in the three hours that we played, the temp rose from 40 to an almost balmy 50. Never felt uncomfortable and the fresh air was wonderful. We had sixteen players on four courts for practically non-stop play.

They are a fun & hardy group at Bay Colony – As
long as it’s dry, a cold day doesn’t deter these folks from hitting the courts.

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