What a Year! — In Review …

Contributed by Stan Piesla

WOW, it’s 2019! Happy New Year! Before getting too deep into it, we don’t want to overlook the ground-breaking year that 2018 was for Pickleball within our communities. So much came together
to create the Coastal Communities Pickleball League in a relatively short period of time .

Here’s Your Year In Reviewa look back at some of the things that made 2018 memorable! Sit back, read on and Enjoy!

BeginningsIt all began with an email on March 5, 2018:

Concept – A fun pickleball community league. “I found myself thinking of what might make the pickleball experience better for those players who are not interested in getting involved in tournaments and just want to play for fun – something unique, lighthearted, full of smiles & laughter. I am introducing the concept of a fun league to some pickleball community leaders to see if they think it might be timely, and if they want to run with it. I am asking those addressed here, to sit down together, and discuss if this Fun concept is something for them.”                                       Vaughn Baker

With that, under the leadership of Steve Costa, a dozen regular players from eight communities came together to work up a plan to create a Fun League. But we were actually a “Baker’s Dozen” with Steve’s wife, Colleen, with us every step of the way. She has worn many hats – League Scribe, Secretary, Technical Director, Researcher, etc. We were off and running! In just a few short weeks, the plan moved onto our home courts for our Inaugural seven week Spring Season.

Season 1 was considered a trial run to see if there really was interest in non-competitive, just for fun play. Vaughn’s vision was spot on. By all accounts, we had created a program of great interest. Word got around and by the start of the Fall season we had added four more communities. The CCPL now includes a dozen communities and a total of 229 players.

Some Highlights from 2018 worth mentioning:

  • Gracious Hosts: Byron Plumly and Karen Karwacki of
    Bishop’s Landing for providing meeting space for all of our CCPL planning sessions.
  • Videography: Thanks to Tom Murphy from Bethany West for his outstanding production and contribution to this web site.
  • Taking Flight: Thanks to Art Fitch from Seagrass Plantation (and his Drone) for his fine aerial photography that was used on this site.
  • Getting together off the courts: The evening out at the Delmarva Shorebirds game.
  • Best Innovation: Adoption of the Round Robin system to maximize play time (thanks to Joanne Timchalk & Kathy Preston of Bethany West and Beth Kravetz of Sea Colony).
  • Best dressed: All of Us in our colorful Coastal Community Pickleball League Team Shirts.
  • Best Post Season idea: The luncheon that the Bear Trap Team gathered for (see image below).
  • Best Bling: Pickleball inspired jewelry creation that was given as a birthday gift to CCPL player Barbara Vogel. (See image below).
  • Best Worst photo: (see image below).
  • Best Second Pitch: Vaughn Baker at Shorebirds Game (His first best pitch was pitching the CCPL idea to us!).
  • Best uncredited CCPL photo: Mary Ann Vogel of MBTS Team 1 in a Sea Colony ad (see image below).
  • Best Pickleball inspired decorating: The holiday tree at Bay Colony (see image below).
  • Most improved Player: YOU !

Most Improved is really the whole point of it and that really covers a lot of ground! It’s not only about pickleball skill level, if that’s a goal for you, but also about overall health and well being! Moving, stretching, talking, laughing are all contributors. There is not one of us who doesn’t look forward to our next game!

Came across the following definition for ‘energetic’ while researching. These synonyms could very well also help define the Pickleball player!

En-er-get-ic /ˌenərˈjedik 
1. showing or involving great activity or vitality.
active, lively, dynamic, zestful, spirited, animated, vital, 

vibrant, bouncy, bubbly, exuberant, ebullient, perky, frisky, 
sprightly, tireless, indefatigable, enthusiastic, peppy, feisty, 
bright-eyed and bushy-tailed, vigorous, strenuous, brisk, hard, 
arduous, tough, rigorous, forceful, high-powered, all-out, 
determined, bold, powerful, potent, intensive, high-octane

That’s about it for my Review of 2018. Up Next: to Renew our Fun and Friendships on and off the courts in 2019! Hope to see you soon!! Stan

9 thoughts on “What a Year! — In Review …

    1. Thanks very much,Vaughn for all you have done and continue to do for the game and its players- you are a dynamo! Look forward to facing you in play this year ! GOT GAME? I’m sure you do !!!! Stan


  1. Stan great article on the CCPL /Fun League. A special congratulations to Vaughn Baker & Steve Costa for the countless hours they put in to support our local PB communities.
    Continued success & growth in 2019 having fun & laughter while enjoying this wonderful sport.
    Happy New Year🎊🎉
    Chic Stearrett


    1. Happy New Year, Chic – Thanks for your kind and supportive comments ! Always a pleasure chatting with you and observing the Ocean View Crew do their thing on the court- which they do very well! Continued success as you all enter various tournaments during 2019. We’ll be watching – See you soon. Stan


  2. Stan

    Outstanding work ! thanks for summarizing this concept leagues beginnings in such a fun and informative fashion. Bravo !! Happy new year to all.



    1. Hi, Byron! It has been a good journey thus far and am sure it will continue. It has been my pleasure to work with you “n the trenches” and talking about the ins & outs of the league with you throughout. Happy New Year, my Friend!!! Stan


  3. Stan, thanks for posting all the happenings. It was fun to see the year in review! I’ve met so many wonderful picklers and hope to meet many more. Looking forward to the Spring Season!

    Happy New Year to all!!


  4. Hi, Margie! Yes, have met so many great folks through the game. It is rare for me to go out and not run into a pickleballer! Have a great year and will see you soon. Stan


  5. Stan great job on the year in review and all that you have done to promote our league on the pickleball coast.com website. Happy New year to all our CCPL Pickleballers. Steve and Colleen Costa


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