Coastal Communities Pickleball League kicks-off Season 2

old film imageenhanced to use

                                                                        September 14, 2018  (contributed by Stan Piesla)

The Coastal Communities Pickleball League opened its Fall Season this past Tuesday & Wednesday – September 11 & 12.

Despite earlier predictions of possible bad weather, due to Hurricane Florence, she stayed well to the south and did not have an effect on our local weather. But it was certainly hot and humid and was a foggy morning on Wednesday.

Below are some Team pictures. More to come next week.

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9-12-18 bay forest @ MBTS Team 1

9-12-18 Bethany West Team 2 @ Bayside enhanced9-12-18 Bishops Landing @ Seagrass Plantation enhanced

9-12-18 Forest Landing @ Fairway Village enhanced9-12-18 MBTS Team 2 @ Savannahs Landing enhanced9-12-18 Bay Colony Team cropped9-12-18 Bear Trap Team enhanced